Why You Make Up when you Make Space

One of the trends we’re seeing this year continues to be outdoor living spaces.  Homeowners who want to make the biggest change on the home are using space outside and creating beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens that are drawing rave reviews from their friends.  There are lots of factors that go into planning the space.  But most people say they want to have family and friends over and that they enjoy entertaining.  To a man, the desire for a grill is always included and often becomes the focal point of a remodel.  Even if they don’t do a lot of grilling, having the upgrade adds value to the home and improves the livability.  You really get the wow factor when you take a boring backyard and turn it into an oasis.

Closets will always be a popular area for upgrading.  Whether you use a do it yourself system that you can purchase off the shelf at a big box store or have a contractor enlarge your existing closet, an improvement can really make a big difference.  Having room to arrange your clothes neatly can end a lot of arguments between couples who fought over space or got tired of stumbling over each other’s clothes and shoes.  One homeowner credits her new closet design with saving her marriage.

Just as you improve your home, you want to improve your personal style and wardrobe.  Updating your look can be as easy as purchasing new eyewear that flatters a new haircut or style.  Or you can use a Groupon to buy new contact lenses from 1800contacts for a fresh new look.  If you’ve been rocking that librarian profile for a decade or more, it’s time to make a change.  Say goodbye to those horn-rimmed glasses and opt for a glamorous new look the next time you go out to dinner. Show off some of the new dresses you’ve stocked that huge closet with.  Home improvements mean nothing if you don’t enjoy the features.  If you’ve doubled the size of your closet and filled it with new clothes, you’ll have lots of opportunities to show them off with the rounds of weddings, graduations and cook outs you’re likely to attend as summer days go by.   And you’ll appreciate the marital bliss that may follow.