How to Prepare to Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

No matter the reason, if you have reached the point of hiring professional carpet cleaners, odds are you want to get the best results possible. While the technicians are there to complete the job, there is still some preventative maintenance you could complete before they arrive. Doing so will facilitate a safe working environment and enable the cleaners to complete their job quickly and efficiently. As a bonus, it will enable you to get some additional cleaning done! In case you need a better idea concerning what steps to take, here are a few tips concerning how to prepare to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Clear Out Furniture

The goal of any carpet technician is to ensure that your carpets are cleaned to your satisfaction. That being said, they are not there to move your furniture. While some will certainly do this for you, they are not professional movers by any stretch of the imagination. So before they arrive, take care to identify and remove anything that could serve as an obstacle. Additionally, a sparse room makes it much simpler for cleaners to complete their assigned tasks. For those unsure of where to store their furniture, consider whether you have any space in the garage or another room where you could stack it until the carpets are cleaned and dried.

Guard Against Theft and/or Misplacement

Securing your valuables before the cleaners arrive is a good idea. Not only will this guard against any potential theft, it will also prevent any objects from being misplaced on your part, something that could result in an unwanted confrontation. This also applies to fragile, easily breakable items. Like furniture, ascertain whether there is another room you could store them in until the cleaning is complete.

Remove Clutter

Before applying carpet cleaner, technicians will run giant cords across the floor, which is a hazard in and of itself, despite being a necessary requirement of the job. Having junk strewn across the floor is an excellent means of complicating this process and could potentially result in an injury. Before the cleaners arrive, take extra care to remove any cords, trash bins, trinkets, and pet toys. Ensuring that the floors are free from clutter will allow the technicians to start working as soon as they arrive. After the clutter is removed, it is always a good idea to vacuum your carpet

The Wonders of Painter’s Tape

As previously mentioned, the carpet cleaners are going to run huge cords through the room that will rub against the walls and could potentially cause frictions. When this happens, it is quite possible that the cords will leave unsightly black marks all over the walls. Fortunately, there is a simple remedy to all of this: painter’s tape! Applying painter’s tape anywhere the cords could potentially touch will keep the walls spick and span.

Communicate With the Cleaners

Before any cleaning is perpetrated, it is always a good idea to speak with the cleaners and let them know if you have any specific guidelines for them to follow. This could include watching out for frail furniture, avoiding certain areas, or concentrating on particular spots.